immortal beloved

At the moment I’m listening to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. This is easily one of my favorite classical pieces ever, and I’m so incredibly excited to see the Phoenix Symphony play it at the end of April! I have the perfect shirt for the occasion:
my awesome shirt!
If you want to watch an awesome video of the God-like Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic as they play Beethoven’s 5th, click *

Last night Eric and I went to see Michael Winslow at the Improv. He did sooo many sound effects that sounded SO real. I’m still in shock… Plus he made some funny jokes about Apache Junction hehe. However, I’m still annoyed with the Improv for being such wallet-rapists. Grr. 

Right now I’m drinking milk with Kahlua. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to drink this again after last week’s “incident.” – I was making myself a nice tall glass of milk and Kahlua (I can’t help that the stuff is DELICIOUS)… I got out the milk, but I didn’t bother to smell it. Firstly, it had never been opened. Secondly, it was a week and a half before the date on the bottle. I poured a huge glass, added a bunch of kahlua, and took a huge swig. That’s when I thought “hey, this tastes a bit weird…” I looked down and saw chunks of curdled milk swirling around the glass.You better believe I just checked the milk three times before I even poured it… 

Rome ended tonight. I was worried the ending would be disappointing, but it actually tied up everything fairly nicely. I was getting ready for a cry-a-thon, but I only cried a few times. They really went easy on the heart strings, which is good because I’ve cried a bit too much from that show (like when Caesar died…). I’m glad they went for a humorous route. Titus Pullo got many hilarious lines!
My favorite line from the finale was actually Atia’s:
“I know who you are…I can see you. You’re swearing now that someday you’ll destroy me. Remember…far better women than you have sworn to do the same. Go find them now.”
I hate to love her, but I just can’t help it!Anyway, R.I.P. Rome 😦

quote of the day: (this is how you know we watch too much of The Office)
me:*stabbing frozen ice cream with a spoon* it’s so hard!
eric: that’s what she said


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