the end is nearrrr

The semester is coming to a close, and as I get closer and closer to finals I keep thinking of a certain painting… so I guess it’s time for another art post!

Today work of art: Thomas Cole’s The Voyage of Life: Manhood
Thomas Cole was an American painter who founded the Hudson River School. The HRS was mainly interested in painting life-like detailed landscapes. Needless to say, Cole painted a lot of landscapes. He also painted a few allagorical works including the famous The Voyage of Life in 1842. He painted four different paintings to show life in four stages – Childhood, Youth, Manhood, and Old Age.
The particluar one I’m showing is “Manhood” (you can see the other three here)
click the pic to enlarge it, then you can see the despair of this poor man…. can you see why finals make me think of this painting?!

quote of the day “if i had an ounce more feeling in my heart…. i would have cried.” Eric, just now as I was typing this out….. (in reference in Caesar’s death on Rome.)


One thought on “the end is nearrrr

  1. That is a cool painting….the main thing I remember about finals is the feeling my brain would explode….and the necessary data dump the day after lol

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