oy matko!

Sadly, I finished The Grass Crown a few days ago. I say “sadly” because it was just oh-so good that I tried to savor it as I got closer to the end. One reviwer on Amazon described it as “still more addictive than crack cocaine” – I’ve never tried crack cocaine (nor do I plan to), but I imagine it’s somewhere close to the level of addiction I’ve been dealing with. However, I didn’t like Grass Crown as much as its predecessor The First Man in Rome. It wasn’t because of anything the author did, the story just took a heart breaking turn that I didn’t really like…… but it’s a historical drama and it followed the history faithfully, so it’s not Colleen McCollough’s fault!
I already bought the third book, Fortune’s Favorites, and have been itching to start that one.

I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day! Eric and I hand-painted a birdhouse for my mom. We painted grapes on it because my mom loves grape-themed things. We also painted a giant penis on it because…. well, it’s a long story. My mom is cool like that – we can talk about *anything* and joke about anything, including PENISes.
I like to draw peni (i like “peni” better than “penises”) on most anything i can, including mother’s day presents AND mothers:
mom w/ penis drawn on her arm

this was taken last weekend-ish… THIS is why my mom is better than yours! Too bad the flash kind of covered up the peni ..

Quote of the Day: “You don’t deserve to know the genius of Darwin’s Black Box… being a woman and all.” – Eric


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