The writers of LOST are sick SICK bastards. Charlie is one of my all time favorite characters of any show ever and the second half of season 3 was just “OMG He’s gonna die!!… no he isn’t haha. OMG HE’S GONNA DIE! wait, no he’s not. YES HE IS. No he isn’t.”
The last episode was just cruel. They tell us “He’s gonna die for real this time!” so I spend most of the episode holding back tears…. and then he lives. BUT he still might die! We won’t find out until next season, which starts in January.

A few nights ago I finished reading Zero by Charles Seife. I bought it on a whim the last time I was at Half Price Books as a (random) gift for Eric. I wasn’t planning on reading it because it’s about math which isn’t exactly exhilarating to me…. However I started reading the introduction, and then the first chapter… next thing I knew I was half way through it! I quickly finished it because it was REALLY interesting. So interesting, in fact, that now I want to read other books on math and astrophysics! Some parts were kind of hard to understand, but Seife used analogies and pictures to explain stuff which really helped my right-brained mind.  

Tonight I finished The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir. I have read two of her other books (Six Wives of Henry VIII and Children of Henry VIII) and LOVED both of them. I have her Henry VIII: A King and His Court but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet (trust me, I’m working on it!).

Anyway, I didn’t think The Princes in the Tower was as good as her Henry VIII books, but it was still enjoyable. Her target audience is much more familiar with royal Plantagenet history (specifically the end) than I. It took me the first fourth of the book to really grasp all the names and titles of everyone and how they were connected. Once I got that all figured out the book was incredibly suspenseful – even though I knew the fate of the Princes. I wasn’t aware of the “controversy” surrounding who killed the Princes. Apparently some people think Richard III didn’t do it, but I don’t understand how any one could reasonably argue that… to each his own, I suppose.


I went to Barnes and Noble today and got Death By Black Hole by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

That is kind of a bad thing seeing as I already have at least 11 books I want to finish by the end of the summer… and 11 weeks to do it! Normally that would be totally do-able, BUT I have two summer classes, one of which is an upper division art history class filled with lots of textbook reading, memorization, and essay writing all crammed into 5 weeks. That leaves little time, if any, for pleasure reading.

*sigh* I just want to go read on a beach somewhere for the rest of the summer, is that SO MUCH to ask!?

quote of the day:
“why do you have to give me that look? it makes me feel horrible inside. like part of my soul is dying…” – Eric


also: new pictures uploaded! most are from a little excursion I took with Eric, Boo, and Mom to Bista’s (a delicious Polish restaurant) – check them out *here*


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