so many books, so little time

Right now I’m in the middle of two books. Both of which are slowly, but surely, killing me.
The first of the two is Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku. It’s all about crazy ass theoretical physics. It hurts my brain so much to read it. I keep finding myself spacing out, so I go back and re-read what I just spaced-out through. Then I start spacing out again and have to start over AGAIN. I’m having a really hard time understanding what he is trying to explain. And I don’t care enough to force myself to understand it. It’s just not a good deal.
The second book is Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. I’m about 1/3 or 1/2 of the way through it, and I have no idea how I’ve made it this far. It is one of *THE* most boring books I’ve ever read. It’s up there with The Scarlett Letter. As incredibly exciting as extinct wildlife of New Guinea is (sarcasm), I just can’t get into it. He starts out every chapter with a bunch of stupid questions that I don’t give two shits about. Then he spends the rest of the chapter explaining the answers. He gives the answer in one sentence. But then spends pages and pages and pages making the same point over and over and over and over. He treats the reader like they are five years old!

As miserable as these books are making me, I can’t bring myself to not finish them. I hate leaving books unfinished, and I know if I don’t finish them now I never will. *sigh* Plus I keep hoping that they will get understandable/interesting….

The good news is: today I just finished The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan. I liked it just a bit better than Demon Haunted World, although they were pretty different so I really shouldn’t compare the two. I got a few chapters into Sagan’s Cosmos, and now I can’t wait to finish that one too! Carl Sagan is friggin awesome, end of story. The only down side to Dragons of Eden was all the talk about the ‘break through technology’ of computers. The book was written in the late 70s, so what he was talking about it actually old-news. Besides that slight pitfall, it was an excellent book!  So I might have crossed one book off my to-read list, but I added 7 more to my previous 13 summer reading books! Oh dear…I really need to work on drawing the line.


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