I like to collect postcards, so you can imagine my excitment when I found Postcrossing – a website that facilitates worldwide postcard swapping. So far I have received 57 postcards and sent 61. There are more in the mailing (sending and receiving)

Here is a map of all my postcards so far… It doesn’t show all of them because some are repeat countries:

When I check my blog stats, I can see what terms people used to find my website through a search engine (like Google or whatever). Some of them are really weird. Actually, MOST of them are really weird. The most popular seems to be “girl battles” and “weird sex”
Today’s term made me laugh out loud though: “what effect can cocaine have on my penis” hahaha! I guess because my site has the word “cocaine” and “penis” …?

quote of the day: “He plays a mean air-guitar. Wow, I’m in love!” – prof Baron 


One thought on “postcrossing

  1. That postcard club sounds awesome. I’m gonna look around your blog and see if you have posted any pictures of them yet. If you haven’t, you should!

    I love looking at the search engine terms as well. I get a lot of skinny dipping video ones (because I did a Halo 3 beta article completely about the water and how beautiful it was, and part of the title was “Skinny Dipping Anyone?”, imagine the poor soul who looks for skinny dipping videos and finds a video game blog, OOPS!) and I laugh every time!

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