Black Soul Choir

Alright kiddies, time for more of my ramblings on books I’ve read!

Firstly, I read A Thousand Splendid Suns in like less than 4 hours. It was SO good that I just could NOT put it down. The author, Khaled Hosseini, also wrote Kite Runner which was PHENOMENAL. I was really worried A Thousand Splendid Suns would be a disappointment because I loved Kite Runner so much I didn’t think it would be possible to like his second book as much. However, I like Splendid Suns even more than Kite Runner! I’m still shocked at how good it was! It inspired me to donate money to the Afghanistan refugees, and I think you should consider it as well.
Eric is reading it right now, literally. So far he loves it too!

I also finished Death By Black Hole by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It was… okay. Actually, for what it was, it was *amazing* but my lack of total LOVE is purely based on my inability to immerse myself into physics (astro or otherwise) books. I’ve now realized (and accepted) this. Tyson was still a pleasure to read mainly because he does an excellent job at explaining things on a level I can understand. Plus he makes funny jokes. And he mentioned Arizona 5 times! I think Tyson has suuucchhh a sexy voice, the entire time I read the book I read it with his voice (in my head, of course). It made it even more pleasureable 🙂 

Just tonight I finished reading The Floating Opera by John Barth. I’ve been meaning to read this book for years and just now got around to it. It is about a guy who decides to kill himself. Sounds pretty heavy, eh? Well the whole thing was actually pretty funny! Plus his decision on suicide was not from a depressed state of mind, but an existential state. I haven’t read any existential literature for quite sometime, but it was a welcome return! I don’t think I picked up on all the symbolism etc so I might go back and re-read it. It was pretty short (250 pages) so rereading it won’t be too big of a commitment. Anyway, the book was really enjoyable and much deeper than most of the crap swamping the book market these days.

In other news, I’ve been blasting this awesome song all day (my neighbors must be confused, sometimes I play bluegrass, sometimes Arabic, sometimes classical, sometimes NIN, sometimes postrock, sometimes classic rock… ) 


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