Read Two, Stitch None

Fortune’s Favorites wasn’t as good as its two predecessors in the Masters of Rome series, but that’s really not that bad since the first two were so AMAZING. I’m currently reading the fourth in the series, and I think Fortune’s Favorites was more of a bridge between the two eras. I originally told myself I was only going to read the first book of the series. Then I read the second one and said that was going to be the last one. Then I read the third one… Now I’m half way through the fourth one and already bought the fifth one. I can’t wait to finish those two so I can read the sixth one! 

 I also read Sex with the Queen – It’s by the same author who wrote Sex With Kings. I thought Sex With Kings was intenerating but hard to follow because it was poorly organized. A lot of people felt the same way. Hermann must have taken that to heart because her sequel was beautifully organized and a true pleasure to read! Even the stories I already knew were interesting because she sprinkled in lesser known facts, such as the possibility that George Boleyn and company were homosexuals. She made a very convincing argument! 

I’m pretty stoked because I got two knitting books in the mail today. That in itself is exciting, but I got them for super cheap! Knit 2 Together is usually $27.50 but I got it for $5.50 on Amazon! Brand new! I also got Stitch and Bitch Nation, usually $16, for $3! Also new! Also Amazon! OMG! Now if I could just get the hang of the purl stitch…


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