short tort post

I think not.
It’s December, it’s been raining for the past few days, and we still have all the windows in the house open. And if I try to wear a sweater, I start sweating.
I just went to get stuff out of my car wearing PJ shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops… at like 10:00pm. Wasn’t cold at all!

Good news:
I’m officially DONE with this semester!!
Which means I’ll be updating this thing more often – you poor things 🙂


One thought on “short tort post

  1. Hey…remember me from Zefrank? No, I’m not stalking you. 🙂 I was deleting links at work and happened to check the link to your old blog I had and, (seeing that you were gone), googled you to find you here! Hope you don’t mind that I dropped by. Glad to see that you continue to be awesome!

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