Less Anatomical?

Long time no see, bitches.

The first thing I have to bring up is the movie Atonement. It is a remake of Ian McEwan’s novel, which happens to be in the Top 3 best novels I’ve ever read… Ian McEwan is just a total genius!
The movie was directed by Joe Wright, the same guy who made Pride and Prejudice, which is one of my all time favorite movies… plus the soundtrack was made by Dario Marianelli, the guy who wrote the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, and that incredible soundtrack is up there with The Hours soundtrack!
Anyway, the movie was so good…. words can’t even explain. As you can tell by this rambling post, I am having a hard time putting it all together because it was just so.. AMAZING.

Speaking of amazing, Eric and I saw Amazing Grace – total crap. It all seemed to contrived and it was just.. boring. and I love historical films! What a shame…
We also watched Paris, Je T’aime – a series of short films about love and Paris. It was.. interesting. Some of the films were stupid or I totally didn’t understand them. Others were incredible. So I had a roller coaster of emotions the entire movie!

Since my last book post, I’ve read: Enduring Love (another amazing Ian McEwan novel), The Thorn Birds, Affair of the Poisons, The Boleyn Inheritance (one of the worst books I’ve ever read), Slaughterhouse Five, Amsterdam (*another* Ian McEwan novel), and Count of Monte Cristo (not the abridged version like most pussies! it was amazing).
I’ll spare you all my other thoughts on the subject.

/end rambling.


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