Halo History

My last post about Halo 3 got me thinking about why I started playing Halo in the first place: the music.
     When Xbox (and Halo) came out, I was pretty out of the video game world. The only console I had ever owned was the N64, which I got way after it first came out and sucked at it pretty bad (except for Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing – I will kick your ass!!!). I had little interest in video games, especially the newer ones. However, one day a friend of mine sent me an mp3 of the Halo theme and I was immediately blown away.
    Several months later I played Halo for the first time at a “Halo party” – it was me and 15 guys that were hard.core.gamers. I only went because I was begged by a friend of mine, and the whole time I kept thinking “WHY AM I HERE?” as I respawned, looked at the ceiling, died, respawned, looked at the floor, died, respawned-died. Died, died, and died some more. The double joy-stick was so alien and I didn’t have the time to figure out how to do things like pick up weapons, reload, etc. All the guys just laughed and didn’t help so I left that “party” pretty frustrated. I wrote off Halo as having great music but otherwise it was “stupid.”
    Luckily, many months later my brother got an xbox & Halo for his birthday… Once I was able to learn the game at my own pace I feel in love. It got even worse when Halo 2 came out and I could play with people online. I love the social interactions and meeting all different kinds of people all over the world! That, mixed with the awesome game-play of Halo … it’s a beautiful thing 🙂
    Despite my usual apathy for video games, and the fact that I’m not the best player in the world, I have never lost interest in Halo (1, 2 or 3). I have played it regularly for years and still love it!

After all these years the music still has such an impact on me – wether it’s a tear to my eye, goose bumps, or the sudden heart-pounding urge to shotgun an elite in the face… it never fails to stir up some kind of emotion!

I absolutely love this video…. except the clapping between movements/rests breaks my classically-trained-musician’s heart!


3 thoughts on “Halo History

  1. wow sue… no jk that fucking awesome and i think that tho the old halo music is old it still does conjur up some emotions

  2. I know! remember the first time we played Halo and we got soooooooooo scared because of the flood (and we were alone in a dark house)
    the flood still creep me out…

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