Game Nerd Things

Here’s an interesting clip: a level from Super Mario in 3D on the Doom engine, [here]

Super Mario is one of the greatest games ever created. As for Doom, I never really played it much. Whenever I would try, I would get really scared (I was a really little kid at the time) and just couldn’t get through it. However, Doom’s predecessor, Wolfenstein 3D, is one of my all time favorite games.  I played it with my second cousin Michael all the time way back in the day (’93) on our DOS computer! We would have SO much fun!! I still sing the music in my head sometimes.. When Wolfenstein came out for XBOX I immediately bought it and played it through several times. One time my friend Braden and I beat the entire game armed with nothing but knives… good times!

The best part of the XBOX version is, when you beat it, it unlocks the old Wolf 3D for you to play 🙂

In other nerd news, check out my Christmas tree (and my brother admiring the awesomeness):


Click to enlarge! I’ve seen a few of these around the internet (originally by way of HawtyMcBloggy) and I thought it was so great I had to steal it …. plus we don’t have a star or anything to put on the tree! And this looks much better, I think 🙂
“Master Chief has new active camo: a Christmas tree” – Eric


5 thoughts on “Game Nerd Things

  1. hi!
    i saw you on hawty mcbloggy forums.

    that is so cool you u live in arizona.

    i lived in phoenix for 8 eight years…

    you have a nice blog, it kind of looks like mine : )

  2. 8 years in Phoenix?! Crazyyy! I live in Mesa right now, but I was born and raised in Gilbert and have only been in Mesa for a couple years. I dont really like it here. 😦

    Your blog is also cool! I shall be visiting it often 😀

  3. Ditto to your blog as well, smelly rayzin. lol.
    I am not calling you that!

    Have you been to Sedona, Susie?
    It was beautiful there. Flagstaff is also a favorite of mine..oooh snow!

  4. Hahaha, please.. call me Susie!
    Sedona is SUCH a beautiful place. Eric and I like to go to Flagstaff whenever we can, and we always drive through Sedona on the way there…. it’s so amazing!!

  5. One time I was in day camp in Phoenix, and we took a trip to Sedona on a greyhound bus.
    The bus somehow got stuck in a pothole, and we had to wait 3 hours before help came…
    It was an interesting experience, because we explored the rocky area… red stones.. it was a place that time itself had almost forgotten.
    Mountains are quite magical.

    Anyways, I am adding ya to my blogroll so I can get here easier, lol. : )
    I sent ya a frien request on xbox live.
    Download Aegis Wing on xbox live arcade please, its free and a lot of fun (4 player multiplayer!)

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