crossing the line…

Ok, first off… it’s been a while. I know.
School has started, and so far this semester has been SO BUSY I’m just.. exhausted.
Also, I was very sick for 2 weeks. AND, Sparky was sick. Plus some other stuff. So… things have been crazy.

I just had to blog about this because it’s just…. weird.
The whole Hello Kitty thing kind of freaks me out. I mean, it’s cute and all, but it seems to have crossed the line a while ago in terms of merchandise.
Then Eric showed me this:

That’s right up there with hello kitty wedding rings, urinal target, and douche (I wish I was making this up) etc etc etc.
Read more about the contacts (and I got the picture from) [here]


2 thoughts on “crossing the line…

  1. I gotta tell you I really agree. Contacts, really? What is the purpose of this stuff, just more crap to sell I guess. Who is buying this nonsense. Too weird for words.

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