Eric is a genie-ass!

Not surprisingly, my incredibly smart boyfriend – Eric – passed Exam P, so he is now able to be an actuary! It’s a really hard test, but he passed it with little to no studying 🙂 He is a genius, I say!
Congrats baby!! I knew you could do it!

On the weekends, the two of us like to make dinner together. During the week one of us is usually home before the other, and who ever is home first usually makes dinner. So we like cooking together on weekends. We were extra excited this weekend because we just got a new grill, which we’ve been really realllllyyy looking forward to using. God, we sound so old LOL. Anyway, we marinated steaks all day, and grilled those babies up on our sexy new grill – and also grilled some asparagus, our favorite veggie – with a side of some delicious Hawaiian rolls. We washed it down with sparkling white wine. For desdert we had strawberries & raspberries.
A delicious meal 🙂


less than pretty pictures:

(not enough light, and the tripod is MIA, so I had to use the flash which makes it look crappy)


3 thoughts on “Eric is a genie-ass!

  1. An actuary is basically…. a mathematician who works for different companies assesing risks. Especially insurance companies, etc. He wants to work in propery & casualty. It’s actually a very hard job – you have to be really smart and pass a bunch of exams AFTER you get your degree!
    Have you seen Along Came Polly? Ben Stiller is an actuary in that movie…

  2. Oh Wow! I was never good at math pass pre-algebra.

    I have not seen that movie.. will put in on my “to watch list”
    Anniston was in that movie too I think.. I remember the trailers..

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