Crocheted Cactus

I do A LOT of crocheting (and I’m working on the knitting) so… why not start posting my projects on here? This isn’t one of my more impressive feats, but I find it adorable and I’m posting it – SO THERE!

Everyone in Arizona is pretty much required to have a little cactus in a pot… many people (myself included) have several peppered around their front and backyard. However, not many people have one made of yarn, and not many look this cute!

I didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted (my fault, not the designer’s) but I still love him! (yes, it’s a him, I didn’t add the bow) Maybe I’m just sentimental because it’s my first amigurumi? At any rate, I plan on making more!


3 thoughts on “Crocheted Cactus

  1. That made me cry inside seeing that because:

    a) its really cute and adorable
    b) makes me miss Arizona.

    I remember one of my classmates was in the front yard of his house and they were throwing the ball around, and he was not looking and he slammed into a cactus.

    How wonderful.

    At least with the crocheted cactus it won’t hurt anyone 🙂

    I love it!

  2. Thank you Juda! I would miss Arizona too if I moved… I have no intentions of moving away, EVER.
    Oh, and your story made me laugh out loud… I mean, I feel bad for your classmate, but that was a hilarious mental picture!! 🙂

    Lalage: I hope the eyes make it look cuter, because I had to go to like 4 different stores to find them! 🙂 It was worth it though, I’d say…

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