Eric and I are engaged! You probably already know, because I’ve splattered it all over every social networking type site I’m a part of … sorry about that, by the way. I’m just so excited and happy!! I’ve been smiling uncontrollably, randomly dancing, and clapping like an idiot for a week now…

Many of you have asked how he did it, but it’s kind of a long story. I’ll summarize it like this: he took time off work when I didn’t have work or school. So last friday (the 13th, haha) we spent the whole day together doing a bunch of my favorite thing, including: playing video games, watching spongebob, going to my favorite restaurant (Ah-So). Then he took me to my favorite place, a bookstore called Half Price Books, where he bought me books (the best way to a Susie’s heart). On the way home I was thinking about how it was one of the best days EVER, when Eric drove right past our house. and took me to a park right next to our house instead. He then took me to the exact spot (in the park) where he first said “I love you” to me years ago. There he gave me an amazing speech (I’ll spare you the mushy details), and asked me to marry him. The ring was my grandmother’s wedding ring (whom I am named after but never met), and my mother’s wedding ring. Now it’s mine and I love it! Not as much as I love Eric :) 

The ring: (as usual, click to enlarge)


I can’t stop daydreaming about Eric, so I constantly have this brain-dead look on my face, like so:

When I don’t have that far-off look in my eye, I have my “OMG WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” face:


The wedding won’t be until next fall, because we’ve been saving up money for a house, plus I’m graduating and Eric has exams… I’m really in no rush to start planning a wedding anyway hahaha. Anyway, YAYYYYYY!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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