Getting Organized (this is boring)

So, in the madness that is finals, I find myself following my age-old study/organization techniques. I think that everyone has their own system of getting things done, but I’ve heard a lot of a book called… well, Getting Things Done. [This] site has a DIY planner that looks kind of interesting (everyone seems to love it). But do I need to fix something that’s not broken?

My current “system” is as follows:
— All birthdays, due dates, appointments, etc are kept in a weekly planner. Specifically, one of the Taschen Diaries. Ever since I started using them a few years ago I always got the Frida Kahlo one. This year, however, I wasn’t able to find one so I got the Van Gogh. I keep my planner in my school bag and desk, but I don’t carry it around with me EVERYWHERE. I also note things like “Saw Slumdog Millionare – it was amazing” When I read my planners years later, it’s little things like this that make me smile. Although I keep a journal, it’s these little day to day things that interest me as well years later.
—- I have a small moleskine that I do carry around with me most everywhere. In there I keep track of all the random things life throws my way: books I want to read, funny overheard quotes, school-related ideas, to-do lists, sketches, gift ideas, etc. The only thing is that it is “unorganized” to other people but … I love the organic layout. It’s my brain, my life, in it’s natural (unorganized) state. I can find things quickly based on my own memory of events and connections I make. It’s the same way I organize my computer files, and it works best for me. However, no one can ever find anything on my computer but me (and probably my small moleskine, if anyone tried).

As for school-specific organization, I always have a multi-subject college ruled notebook for each semester. Most of classes are Art History: I take notes in class, then I later go through and highlight major points that will be on the exam. I star all the sub-points that are important. Then I type out my notes, usually in OneNote along with images of the work of art. Just typing them out is a form of study, as well as re-reading them to highlight. 
Then I make flash cards with the image on one side, and the notes on the back. The Scotch Tape Adhesive Runner has saved my life note-card wise! It’s almost like… liquid tape. I only use as much as I need, it sticks REALLY well, and it doesn’t let the images rip off when I shuffle.
I keep my cards in a system of note card holders. I have small soft cover ones (only $.50) for each class, and then large boxes for each semester. Eventually I throw the cards away, but sometimes they are useful in other classes, so I usually wait a while.

What’s your system for organization?
I envy the people who don’t have much to organize… I don’t think I could survive without my planner/moleskine!


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