Nine Inch Nails concert!

(this picture was taken by someone else at the concert… credit goes to them of course, but I don’t know who they are!)

March 15th Eric and I went to the NIN show at Cricket Pavilion.  We saw a few people we know, bought some over priced shirts, and woke up the next day feeling like we got in a fight with Angry Trent Reznor (and lost, of course). As always, it was an amazing show. The setlist was INCREDIBLE. They even played The Fragile! We had reeeally good seats because we got pre-sale tickets like the SECOND they went on sale.
You know what I love about NIN concerts? We always end up making these weird intense connections with the people next to us. At this show there were two girls next to me… after the first song we were screaming “THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!” and jumping around/dancing/head banging/etc with each other. By the second one she was screaming “THE THREE OF US WANT TO BEAR YOUR CHILDREN!” (amongst other things) to Trent while we laughed hysterically and made exhibitions of ourselves. And by the third song… we were planning a four-some sex tape with Trent which my future husband, for some reason, objects to (I think he’s just feeling left out…).

That’s all I’m going to say about it for two reasons. 1) NIN shows are always beyond words and 2) I have a fever at the moment. So does Eric. We’ve been watching Family Guy and South Park all day, like winners.
Hopefully we are better by tomorrow because we are seeing Flight of the Conchords!


One thought on “Nine Inch Nails concert!

  1. I’m so jealous!!!
    I love when my sister calls me at 10:00PM and all i hear is BLAAAAAAAA on my phone but know better than to hang up, i turn it down and start making out that it’s really the hand that feeds blaring lol, thats when i go, oh yeah my awesome sisters at a NIN caonert :]]]]]

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