Stereoviews of Meiji Japan

Here are some awesome stereoscopic pictures from the turn-of-the-century Japan! Stereoscopy is basically taking two almost identical images and placing them side-by-side (“stereo card”) and viewing them through a “stereoscope” to create an illusion of depth/3D (well, there are different methods, but that’s what they did at this time period). Through the magic of computers, there can now be turned into animated gifs:

The rest of them can be found [here] at Pink Tentacle

What got me into Art History was a History of Photography class I took many years ago. Although I focus on Medieval and Renaissance Art now, there is always a part of me that gets giddy over photo history and old photographs. Especially old hand-colored photographs. Of Japan. So I absolutely SQUEED when I saw the animated stereoview of [geisha looking at stereographs]!!!


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