The Wedding!

I am now and old married woman. On November 11th 2010 I got to marry the man of my dreams – which is pretty damn awesome. I have started writing this post so many times… but really, how do I describe the most amazing day of my life? It’s really beyond words. I’ll try anyway –at least the basic facts 🙂

We had a rather “nontraditional” wedding, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. First of all, I wore a black wedding dress (made by my grandma) and Eric wore a white tux. We had matching custom-made Converse with our wedding date embroidered on the side. My bouquet and was made from beads on twisted wire (as were the other bouquets and boutonnieres) that I made with my mom.
(as usual, click to enlarge)

(this post is crazy-long and riddled with pictures. click below to read the rest)

Our wedding party was also ‘different’ – my brother was my “man of honor” and my friend Audra was my bridesmaid (matron?). Eric’s best man was his brother Patrick and his groomswoman was his sister Christine. My brother had an awesome kilt!

We took all of our pictures before the ceremony – I don’t think anyone likes to wait an hour and half between the ceremony and the meal. Everyone is just thinking “GIMME MY FOOD!!” (or maybe that’s just me…). So we headed down to the ASU Art Museum and took our formals. Obviously, doing this meant we saw each other before the ceremony. We had Eric close his eyes, walk outside (with help lol), and then open them. That moment was actually really emotional and one of my favorite parts of the day.


After that was all done it was time for the ceremony! Our processional music was Sigur Ros – Staralfur (that I edited a bit). We had our parents go down the aisle before us as part of the “combining of two families” theme. Eric and I went down the aisle together. If I’m going anywhere, he’s going to be by my side! And vice-versa, of course.

We wrote the ceremony ourselves and Eric’s uncle was our officiant (ordained through the internet, lol) Both of our brothers read readings we selected. We had our families exchange vows, such as “Do you promise to stand next to them but not between them?” (to which they said “we do” etc). Eric and I answered our vows together – so instead of us both saying “I do” we said “we do” (except for one vow each). My favorite vow we came up with is probably “Do you promise to entertain each other’s nerdy moments and forgive their absurd ones?” At the end of the ceremony we sealed our vows with a high-five and a kiss.


After the ceremony we signed the stuff we needed to sign and made it all legal and such. We took a few more pictures while everyone had their appetizers. I hear they were delicious but I don’t know – I didn’t get any! We were pretty giddy at that point, so a lot of those pictures are goofy (more than usual, lol) or include us giggling. Then we sat down for dinner. The sun was setting and we had a bunch of candles and twinkle lights – it was beautiful! Eric’s brother, my brother, and my mom all gave toasts that made me cry. A lot. My mom and brother cried too, so there was a lot of crying going on on my side of the family.. which seemed to make everyone else cry. The serving people got choked up, hahaha.


We ate our delicious dinner and hung out with our guests. One of the many nice things about having a small wedding is that we actually got to spend time with everyone! We had our first dance to Metallica – Nothing Else Matters and half-way through we switched so I danced with my dad and Eric danced with his mom. We also stabbed our cake (cutting is for wimps) and our guests got cupcakes (amongst 029348023894 other desserts my mom put together). Basically we spent the entire night having a BLAST with people we love. What more could you want? It was everything we hoped and dreamed it would be AND MORE.


Some other details: Since our ‘theme’ was books (hm, wonder who came up with that) our centerpieces were stacks of red and black books. They were mainly history and math books, so show our different interests. We also made origami flowers from book pages. Our favors were bookmarks I designed. Our guestbook was library cards I made that people wrote on and gave back to us. We made our cardbox with some round boxes we covered with pages from math books (on the top) and history books (on the bottom).



To see all the pictures go [here] for Part 1 & [here] for Part 2

p.s. I’ve been putting off posting this until I got the pictures back from the photographer. It took a few months so this usually-neglected blog has been even more stagnant. Sowee 😦


3 thoughts on “The Wedding!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! So enjoyed looking at your pics…you all look awesome and it sure sounds like the perfect day! I’m so happy for you…it’s been wonderful reading about your love as it’s grown and I am happy to see that you’ve finally made it official. Hooray!

  2. p.s. Just looked at the second set (missed that) and WHOA! I so love the decorations you made! Oh wow! Very , very cool…how unique and elegant and funky all at the same time! Nice work!

    • Thank you so very much! You just made my day 😀 😀 I put a lot of work into making everything as uniquely “us” as possible, it’s nice to have it appreciated. Thank you hun!!

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