Something Random

I’ve been really sick the past few days, and I look it. Pale, circles under the eyes, red nose, etc.

I decided to go grocery shopping today since there’s no food in the house. Unless I feel like eating the powder at the bottle of the cereal box in some expired milk. Which I probably wouldn’t notice since my nose is so stuffed up.

Anyway, I decided I wouldn’t put any make-up on or do my hair or anything. No point: I already look like I got hit by a truck. Might as well go whole-hog. And anyway, I go to the store a few times a week and have NEVER seen anyone I know.

About 2 minutes into the store and I realize I’m not physically ready for this… but I soldier on. Must, get, juice! Neeed vitamin C! … Walking around in public with my horrific face/hair and "lets pretend these aren’t PJs" outfit is becoming rather amusing to me (defense mechanism?). and then what happens? I run into 2 PEOPLE I know. First is a guy that had a huge crush on me most of high-school – and probably now regrets it. The other was the mother of my jr. high best friend … who can now report back on my apparently miserable state.

I caught this lovely cold from Eric and I’s recent trip to Chicago. I’ve been meaning to update about it once I was feeling better… but I’m still sick. So you’re stuck with this really random and uninteresting post. Sorry.

Well now that I’m absolutely exhausted and super congested, time to go to French class! At least those nasal sounds should be easier..


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