Something Random

I’ve been really sick the past few days, and I look it. Pale, circles under the eyes, red nose, etc.

I decided to go grocery shopping today since there’s no food in the house. Unless I feel like eating the powder at the bottle of the cereal box in some expired milk. Which I probably wouldn’t notice since my nose is so stuffed up.

Anyway, I decided I wouldn’t put any make-up on or do my hair or anything. No point: I already look like I got hit by a truck. Might as well go whole-hog. And anyway, I go to the store a few times a week and have NEVER seen anyone I know.

About 2 minutes into the store and I realize I’m not physically ready for this… but I soldier on. Must, get, juice! Neeed vitamin C! … Walking around in public with my horrific face/hair and "lets pretend these aren’t PJs" outfit is becoming rather amusing to me (defense mechanism?). and then what happens? I run into 2 PEOPLE I know. First is a guy that had a huge crush on me most of high-school – and probably now regrets it. The other was the mother of my jr. high best friend … who can now report back on my apparently miserable state.

I caught this lovely cold from Eric and I’s recent trip to Chicago. I’ve been meaning to update about it once I was feeling better… but I’m still sick. So you’re stuck with this really random and uninteresting post. Sorry.

Well now that I’m absolutely exhausted and super congested, time to go to French class! At least those nasal sounds should be easier..


C is for Cookie

I can’t believe Sesame Street is 40 years old. It was such a staple of my childhood – and the same for many others before me and since! My favorite character was, of course, Cookie Monster. I had a bunch of stuffed animal cookie monsters that I loved dearly. Even a kick-ass cookie monster shirt that I rocked throughout high school (because really, you’re never too old for Sesame Street).

The only thing better than Cookie Monster is Cookie Monster in Polish!

Summertime, and the livin’ is… busy

This has been one busy summer! I have work as usual, plus two summer school classes. I took a drawing class and a Medieval art class. Both were fantastic classes, but they sucked away all my free time!

Here is still life I did in my drawing class of a bunch of random stuff. More pictures from my phone can be found [here].

Now I’m on my two week vacation (half over) until the semester starts (my last semester!). I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Sadly, I finished my last Sharon Kay Penman book. Luckily she’s writing a new one, but I will have to wait a whole YEAR for it! Luckily I have had several great books to keep my mind off of it 🙂
I also discovered Netflix. I’ve avoided it for years because… well, I don’t rent many movies. Most movies these days are utter crap. Eric and I go to the independent movie theater, but we usually can’t rent those movies because places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video have an abysmal independent/foreign section.
WELL, I signed up for a free trial of Netflix and… OMFG. All the classics/independent/foreign/documentaries I’ve been searching for are on there! The best part is that several of them can be watched INSTANTLY on my computer and, even better, through my xbox (and therefore TV)! It’s fantastic!

Eric and I have been waiting for the house stuff to come through. We are pretty close to getting a contract, just have to update the bank on some stuff and we should be good to go! Woo!

Second Lappy!

I’m writing this from my new laptop! It’s not going to replace my usual laptop – I just wanted something more mobile than my huge 10lb 19 inch desktop-replacement Sony Vaio! Something I could throw in my bag and take to school (or wherever).

The netbook I chose to get is the ASUS EeePC 1000HE – Amazon page [here].

I just got it in the mail today and so far, it’s amazing! I named him Zygmunt, but I call him Ziggy for short 🙂

Amazon Kindle

I have a bone to pick with the Amazon Kindle. Now, I understand what they are trying to do – access to millions of books under a minute is an interesting and noble cause. However, I just don’t understand how people can think it is superior to a book, or even that it will replace books. (ASU is even experimenting by giving some students Kindles to replace their textbooks!)

Now, it’s not just the ridiculous price tag that bothers me, but the experience of reading from a Kindle itself. To me, reading a book is not just about receiving information, but an experience (partly tactile). I was reading The Library At Night by Alberto Manguel this afternoon and he summed up how I feel about reading from a screen:

“As any reader knows, a printed page creates its own reading space, its own physical landscape in which the texture of the paper, the colour of the ink, the view of the whole ensemble acquire in the reader’s hands specific meanings that led tone and context to the words. (Columbia University’s librarian Patricia Battin, a fierce advocate for the micro-filming of books, disagreed with this notion. “The value,” she wrote, “in intellectual terms, of the proximity of the book to the user has never been satisfactorily established.” There speaks a dolt, someone utterly insensitive, in intellectual or any other terms, to the experience of reading.)

… leafing through a book or roaming through shelves is an intimate part of the craft of reading and cannot be entirely replaced by scrolling down a screen, any more than real travel can be replaced by travelogues and 3-D gadgets.”

If people enjoy the Kindle, good for them. I hope it encourages reading for people who normally wouldn’t (if you shell out $500 for the latest gadget, hopefully you’ll force yourself to use it!). I’m all for anything that gets people to read, even if it means books like Harry Potter and Twilight, and overpriced gadgets like Kindle. However… for me personally, I’ll stick to my old fashioned tomes that line my walls, not my hard drive. Aside from the supposed enormous selection (they are currently only at 275,000), I think I, as a huge book nerd, can live without the supposed “benefits” on the Kindle… as seen in the comic below:

(click to enlarge)

In one last caveat: I love how the kindle is marketed as a “wireless reading device” – isn’t that what a book is??

Nine Inch Nails concert!

(this picture was taken by someone else at the concert… credit goes to them of course, but I don’t know who they are!)

March 15th Eric and I went to the NIN show at Cricket Pavilion.  We saw a few people we know, bought some over priced shirts, and woke up the next day feeling like we got in a fight with Angry Trent Reznor (and lost, of course). As always, it was an amazing show. The setlist was INCREDIBLE. They even played The Fragile! We had reeeally good seats because we got pre-sale tickets like the SECOND they went on sale.
You know what I love about NIN concerts? We always end up making these weird intense connections with the people next to us. At this show there were two girls next to me… after the first song we were screaming “THIS IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!” and jumping around/dancing/head banging/etc with each other. By the second one she was screaming “THE THREE OF US WANT TO BEAR YOUR CHILDREN!” (amongst other things) to Trent while we laughed hysterically and made exhibitions of ourselves. And by the third song… we were planning a four-some sex tape with Trent which my future husband, for some reason, objects to (I think he’s just feeling left out…).

That’s all I’m going to say about it for two reasons. 1) NIN shows are always beyond words and 2) I have a fever at the moment. So does Eric. We’ve been watching Family Guy and South Park all day, like winners.
Hopefully we are better by tomorrow because we are seeing Flight of the Conchords!