Queen of Infinite Space

So the past few months have been… rough. To say the least. I don’t want to get into why, but the good news is: I am out of that situation. However, I have still been feeling rather sad. Probably because I’ve been doing super constructive things like asking myself “whhhhyyy did I let this happen to me!?” etc. To make matters worse, once the problem was put to bed, I was forced to look at the pile of work I have been too distracted to finish. It’s incredible how easily making a “To-Do” list can completely destroy any modicum of happiness you may be experiencing.

So. The other day I decided to actually take a break (what!? WHAT DO THOSE WORDS MEAN?) and not do a single school-related thing. all day. I was cleaning off my desk and I ended up with a small pile of To-Do lists from the past few weeks. I decided to hang them up and take a picture of myself in front of them – it was supposed to be a light-hearted zombie-esque photo, but instead this is what I was confronted with:

(click to enlarge) That is not a happy face. And this is how I look 95% of the time these days.

After seeing this picture, I kicked my ass into gear and now I am TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. This is a great time of my life – I will never be this young again, I have an amazing husband and family (and kitties!), I love my peers, my advisor, my research… why am I feeling so down because of someone else? Why am I wasting this amazing (crazy) time!? I am almost halfway through my Master’s program (omfg). Is the next month going to be a nightmare as I scramble to finish my work? Hell yes. But soon enough, it will be over and I will miss it all.

Ok, now it’s time to work on my paper while blasting really cheesy “inspirational” songs…


Christmas of Earthly Delights

Where the hell did 2011 go?! I’m not sure. But Christmas was awesome, as always. My family opens gifts on Christmas Eve, because we are rebels…. Ok actually it’s because we are not morning people. We drank a lot of alcohol, and my grandma and I danced to a DVD of Polish music (Mazowsze, see the video below). My brother burned stuff in the backyard. My mom made an absolutely delicious dinner. In other words, it was a typical family gathering – and I loved it!

I really love giving presents. My family and I got Eric two awesome things I’ve been dying to give him: a Kindle Fire and a gift certificate for skydiving. Now I have my Kindle back (he’s been reading the Song of Ice and Fire series) + Eric will finally be an official family member (according my dad, one needs to jump out of plane to be part of our inner circle).

This year was photography heaven for me! I got a new lens (macro), a new tripod (mine is falling apart), a lens bag, reflectors, and an old Duaflex IV. Eric parents gave me money, which I used to buy an external flash. See? Photography heaven! But really I just loved hanging out with my family!

CLICK BELOW for pictures!! 🙂

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I’m alive! Kinda.
Fact: 6 months is too long for an update. But it’s not because nothing has happened – it actually feels like everything has happened! I’ve been so busy lately [I can’t even put it into words’]. This is mainly due to the fact that I was powering through my first semester as a grad student. I can report back: yes it is as insane as everyone says it is.

I did get a tiny vacation for Eric and I’s 1 year anniversary. We got each other video games, because we are super-duper gee-golly romantic! We also spend the weekend in Sedona in a rented cabin next to a small lake & creek. I took this picture as we were out petting the owner’s cats (we can’t help ourselves):

You can see more pictures from our trip [here]. We also stopped by Jerome to go to the Puscifer store, which was amazing. Even more amazing: seeing Puscifer live 2 weeks ago! I already loved Puscifer, but I was absolutely blown away by the show. If you haven’t seen them live yet, you should.

What else? I am now 25. I feel old. Thanksgiving was fun, and I’m super excited for Christmas this year. So instead of rambling about the non-interesting things I’ve been up to, I’m going to go finish wrapping presents/xmas decorating!

(without much help from Eric or Gary, I imagine…)

Six Months!?

Today marks Eric and I’s 6 month anniversary. Which is crazy, I feel like we were just married yesterday! Actually, I feel like we just started hanging out yesterday…

The first time Eric called me he was really nervous and shaking. Which is kind of funny, because Eric is always cool as a cucumber and I’m the anxious shaky one. Anyway he called me up and I asked if he wanted to come with me – I was about to go take a picture of Jerry’s Drive-In Liquors sign. He agreed (thank god). Not surprisingly, I got lost but he knew the way. We drank orange soda (“I do I do I do-oooo”). I exposed him to my eclectic music collection and my accompanied crazy singing/dancing (which shockingly didn’t scare him off). Of course, I took the picture (see below). That was August 27th 2003.

We were friends for quite a while before that, but that night was our first time hanging out outside of school. I feel like it foreshadowed some things to come: me having really random ideas that Eric goes along with, me getting lost but Eric knowing the way, our love of varied music, and just our general ability to have fun together no matter what. We had a great night that night, and it was one of the many fun times we’ve had together the past 9 years!

On the way to our wedding ceremony we passed Jerry’s Drive-Thru Liquor Store and smiled.

Ramblings of a Crazy Cat Lady

Every night for the past 10-ish years I’ve engaged in an EPIC BATTLE… with my cat. For my pillow. Tragically, Gary (my cat) wins every time. It really is a battle – my life is in actually in danger. I’ve woken up a few times with 16 lbs of stupid cat curled up ON MY FACE. I always have the constant threat of sprays of cat snot, tickling whiskers, and being stepped on as he re-arranges himself. I’ve tried a variety of methods to get him off my pillow, to no avail. He won’t even migrate to Eric’s pillow! I’d like to think that’s because he loves me more than Eric, but I think it’s just because he likes to make a nest out of my hair. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten weirdly used to it. So when Eric and I travel I can’t sleep because there isn’t a giant purring blob of fur surrounding my head… Oh well, I love my gary berry<3

Something Random

I’ve been really sick the past few days, and I look it. Pale, circles under the eyes, red nose, etc.

I decided to go grocery shopping today since there’s no food in the house. Unless I feel like eating the powder at the bottle of the cereal box in some expired milk. Which I probably wouldn’t notice since my nose is so stuffed up.

Anyway, I decided I wouldn’t put any make-up on or do my hair or anything. No point: I already look like I got hit by a truck. Might as well go whole-hog. And anyway, I go to the store a few times a week and have NEVER seen anyone I know.

About 2 minutes into the store and I realize I’m not physically ready for this… but I soldier on. Must, get, juice! Neeed vitamin C! … Walking around in public with my horrific face/hair and "lets pretend these aren’t PJs" outfit is becoming rather amusing to me (defense mechanism?). and then what happens? I run into 2 PEOPLE I know. First is a guy that had a huge crush on me most of high-school – and probably now regrets it. The other was the mother of my jr. high best friend … who can now report back on my apparently miserable state.

I caught this lovely cold from Eric and I’s recent trip to Chicago. I’ve been meaning to update about it once I was feeling better… but I’m still sick. So you’re stuck with this really random and uninteresting post. Sorry.

Well now that I’m absolutely exhausted and super congested, time to go to French class! At least those nasal sounds should be easier..