Wishing you all happy holidays!!

(Here is Gary snoozing under the tree…)


Ramblings of a Crazy Cat Lady

Every night for the past 10-ish years I’ve engaged in an EPIC BATTLE… with my cat. For my pillow. Tragically, Gary (my cat) wins every time. It really is a battle – my life is in actually in danger. I’ve woken up a few times with 16 lbs of stupid cat curled up ON MY FACE. I always have the constant threat of sprays of cat snot, tickling whiskers, and being stepped on as he re-arranges himself. I’ve tried a variety of methods to get him off my pillow, to no avail. He won’t even migrate to Eric’s pillow! I’d like to think that’s because he loves me more than Eric, but I think it’s just because he likes to make a nest out of my hair. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten weirdly used to it. So when Eric and I travel I can’t sleep because there isn’t a giant purring blob of fur surrounding my head… Oh well, I love my gary berry<3

The Stars, The Moon, They Have All Been Blown Out

Yesterday I ordered a custom credit card with a picture of my cat. When do I get my official “Crazy Cat Lady” trophy??

In other scary news, as of July 7th my brother is now legally an adult. For his birthday I got him a kick-ass shirt from Hot Topic and contributed to a sky-diving gift certificate. Jumping out of planes is kind of a family tradition. My dad got him golf clubs – maybe he can be a golf nerd like Eric now? At any rate, I love him so very much – Happy Birthday Boo!!!!

Eric and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary! He got me a purse, and I got him a toolbox. It makes us look pretty 50’s suburbia/borderline-sexist, but hey – it’s what we both wanted (I’ve been drooling over the seatbelt purse for years!)… We also went to our favorite restaurant, Ruth’s Chris. I almost died of happiness right there in the Crème brûlée. Seriously though, how has Eric put up with me for this long? I don’t know. I do know that I love him. Muchly.

Gary helps build a file cabinet Our new house is pretty awesome. Every day we are faced with some new project – a million little things that are infinitely interesting to us but probably not to anyone else. It actually makes me feel kinda old (or at least like an adult). I never thought I’d be all that excited about blinds, but my cordless top-down-bottom-up 1/2” single cell filter shades made me jump up and down and clap like an idiot. Our cats feel the need to “help” with every project – especially when we have to build IKEA furniture. It’s adorable, but counter-productive.

We finally got the pool all clean and swimmable. Well, I say “we” but it was really all Eric. And here he is, enjoying the fruits of his labor with the first jump into our new pool!!: