Lots of stuff has been happening!
First of all, on May 27th my baby brother graduated from Highland High School! I can’t believe it. Not that he’s stupid or anything (quite the opposite) – I just can’t believe my little "Boo" is a high school grad! Almost 18! Time flies… I’m so happy for him and so proud! Luboo!!!!

In other news, Eric and I went to Vegas to see Flight of the Conchords. They were in Phoenix a while ago, but Eric got sick at the last minute and we weren’t able to go. He felt really bad and surprised me with this trip to make up for it 🙂 The concert was AMAZING. They played a bunch of old favorites and a few new (hilarious) songs. We both grinned/cracked up like an idiot the entire time. You need that once in a while, you know?
We stayed at the Venetian again. GOD I love that hotel! We got $25 of slot credits with our room reservation, so we decided to try gambling for the first time. After $6 we stopped due to boredom and never spent the rest, lol. We went to the Cabo Wabo cantina (Cabo is my fav alcoholic drink) a couple times and got blasted on delicious margaritas. All in all, it was just the relaxing weekend we needed. And this trip is just more evidence that I have the best fiancé in the world. Just sayin’…

I suppose the craziest news is that.. Eric and I finally got our house!!! It only took 14 months of waiting, despairing, yelling at the bank, etc… but really, it was worth the wait. We signed the papers a little over a week ago and moved in IMMEDIATELY afterwards. We’re still not done moving – turns out we have a lot of crap. However, we’ve bought most of our furniture AND put it together. The most recent thing we got was our patio set, and the "no assembly required" sticker just about brought me to tears (of happiness). Damn you IKEA! (I still love you<3)
The most difficult thing to move were my books. Books are rather heavy en masse. They are currently strewn all over our front room/dining room while I work on cataloging and arranging them (see picture). I’m kind of putting that off until later this week when Eric is out of town for an actuary seminar) for 5 days. Arranging my books will keep my mind (some-what) off missing my love 😦
Basic info on the house: in Gilbert, 3 bedroom, 1650 square feet, pool/spa, awesome, cantbelieveitsfinallyours. The rest you will have to find out when Eric and I throw our housewarming party 😛 … or when I post pics eventually.


Done and Done (Graduated!)

Preparing to leave...

Well, I did it! I now own the widely coveted Bachelor of Art (Art History) degree! … I have to say, it feels pretty damn good. Especially since I graduated with a 4.0 like a rock star! (or nerd?) Since everyone keeps asking what “the plan” is, I guess I should put it here too. I plan on going for my Master’s in Library Science, which starts in December (assuming I get in of course). Between then and now I’m going to study for the GRE (math, oy), learn Latin and German, and volunteer at libraries. Apart from working and going to school full time (so I can get health insurance)…

I’m currently writing this from a hotel in Flagstaff – this trip was Eric’s graduation gift to me (along with a book buying spree that makes me weak in the knees to think about). Everyone keeps saying “there’s nothing to do up there!” like it’s a bad thing or something. Since Eric and I spent the past few months working all day, everyday, we want to do NOTHING for a couple days except watch movies, read books, lay around, etc. aaaand that’s all we’ve been doing. I just took this picture of Eric to illustrate:

He’s deepening his love affair with Carl Sagan by reading Contact

It’s been pretty cold up here, which is a nice experience for a couple of desert rats such as ourselves. There’s even this magical stuff called “snow”!!! I actually got to go out and buy a couple jackets, scarves, etc. I’m enjoying wearing something other than short sleeve T-shirts and flip-flops! Today my Dad and brother (Boo) came up so Boo could go snowboarding. We went up to the top of the Snowbowl. While Boo was snowboarding we decided to just hang out…. We were doing pretty good until the visibility dropped to NOTHING and the horizontal blinding snow almost froze us to death. We ran back in the lodge and drank lots of hot chocolate while Boo was stuck on a stopped ski lift, freezing half to death. On the way back down the mountain my dad did lots of crazy fish-tailing (for fun) while we jammed out to Christmas music. All in all, an excellent day, and an excellent trip! Sadly, we go home tomorrow 😦 Time to go back to the real world, I suppose…

Eric knows better than to throw a snowball at me or my dad. So Boo was his only victim... This was at the beginning of the trip, before we almost froze to death

So majestic... (as usual, click to enlarge)