Eric = T-Rez

Eric needed cleaning gloves so he could shine his putter. Wow, that sounds like some kind of sexual euphemism… but really, the head of his putter is made out of bronze or something. Anyway, he went to go get some cleaning gloves and instead of getting the traditional yellow, or even green, he chose black. Why? Just so he could do this:


short tort post

I think not.
It’s December, it’s been raining for the past few days, and we still have all the windows in the house open. And if I try to wear a sweater, I start sweating.
I just went to get stuff out of my car wearing PJ shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops… at like 10:00pm. Wasn’t cold at all!

Good news:
I’m officially DONE with this semester!!
Which means I’ll be updating this thing more often – you poor things 🙂

Flagstaff/Grand Canyon Trip

(click to enlarge)

Hey everyone! Eric and I are back home 🙂 For those of you who didn’t know, we went on a little trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon for a few days (We left on Nov 9th and got back Nov 12th). I bet you are dying to know what we did….(HA) so here is a summary of the two busiest days:

– We woke up and drove straight to the grand canyon, while listening to awesome Navajo music on the way up
– Once we got there we hung out at the most popular point and listened to all the different languages… very few people were speaking English. Eric and I decided we wanted to look Polish instead of American so we started saying all the random Polish words knew. Hopefully there weren’t any Poles there because we said a lot of not-nice things lol There was a huge group of Japanese tourists with a Japanese tour guide and I followed them around and actually understood some of what they were saying!
We spent most of the afternoon driving around and hanging out at different spots. We even climbed down into the Canyon a bit and just…. hung out and enjoyed the scenery.
– On the way home we stopped at the Little Colorado River Gorge, which is absolutely beautiful. We took a lot of pictures and chased a rabbit around!
– Then we went to Outback and had a huge delicious dinner. The waitress left us at our table for 20 minutes without taking out order, so we got a free onion blossom (MMM). It was happy hour “two-for-one” deal so we got blueberry martinis – DELISH.
– Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got three books that I’ve been wanting for a while now (Three Musketeers, Amsterdam, and Slaughterhouse Five). what is better than buying books?
– Then we went to the Lowell Observatory. Not only is on top of a mountain kind of far from the city, but the city has laws against how bright lights can be so that the astronomers don’t have ‘light pollution’ problems. So.. when we got out of the car we almost passed out because we could see SO many stars – EVEN THE MILKY WAY!!! It was absolutely amazing, I wanted to cry…
We got to look in two big telescopes – one pointed at a comet, the other at the Andromeda galaxy. Then we got to look through the really really big telescope and as the M15 Star Cluster – it was so cool!
– When we got back to the hotel we watched Jim Gaffigan’s DVD “Beyond the Pale” and laughed til we cried. We had to keep pausing it because our stomach muscles hurt from laughing and we couldn’t breathe hahaha

– we woke up and went to Denny’s where we both got the lumber jack slam, which I hadn’t had in FOREVER – it was sooo good. Plus I had delicious hot tea because it was cold outside.
– Then we went to a grocery store and bought a bunch of fruit n stuff for our picnic later.
– On the way to the Wupatki ruins I read my “Amsterdam” book – it was beautiful writing as usual.
– We went past Sunset Crater as we drove towards Wupatki ruins. Then we got out and did all the walking etc required to see the ruins – and it was SO worth it! They were beautiful and we could actually go inside them in stuff, which they don’t usually allow at places like that…
– After we were done climbing around we sat down and had a little picnic.
– After all that we were tired so we hung out in the hotel room for a while. Then we went to dinner and the movies. We saw Dan In Real Life and it was pretty horrible…..
We came back, and fell asleep, and left in the morning.

I took a bunch of pictures but they aren’t all uploaded yet, I’ll post a link when I am done!