What’s in a Name?

“what’s with the rockets?”

“rockets fall on rocket falls” is a song by Godspeed You Black Emperor…..
do yourself a favor and watch this:

to top it off, Whistler painted “The Falling Rocket” (aka Nocturne in Black and Gold)

8 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. that song was kinda depressing… and reminded me of the movie “grave of the fireflies”

    i would send you a you tube link to a care bears video, but instead i guess i will send you a link to one of my favorite songs:

    i don’t usually listen to spanish songs, but this one is beautiful.

    i prefer techno, trance , ambient, and classical : )

  2. That song IS pretty depressing, but beautiful I think ๐Ÿ™‚ OMG…. Grave of the Fireflies is one of the saddest movies EVER. I was searching youtube for videos w/ one of my favorie songs (Ruska) by one of my favorite bands (Apocalyptica) and I came across this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=G8-JCxMP6D4 I think the music goes with Grave of the Fireflies perfectly :*(

    That spanish song is awesome! I am studying Spanish right now, so I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for latino music.

    i looove techno, trance, ambient, and classical. YOU ROCK.

  3. AH!
    You rock!

    You are the first person I have met that actually has seen Grave of the Fireflies!

    Its so cool to hear you say you love techno and trance!
    Take a look at a few of my favorites please:
    Above & Beyond – Can’t Sleep

    Oceanlab – Breaking Ties

    What are your favorite techno/trance artists?
    Those 2 I mentioned above are a few of mine ^_^

    Also, I myself and dying to learn Spanish!
    You are so lucky.

    I moved to Florida in 2001 (5 days before 9/11) and its a Spanish area where I live in… I want to learn… I believe learning other people’s languages will help bring peace<(*-*<)

    I also want to learn Japanese.. but that one is a bit harder x_x

  4. You rock too!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I watched GoF a few years ago back when I was studying Japanese in high school (for 2 years). In my experience, Japanese is WAY easier than Spanish! I am taking Spanish right now because I live in an area with a lot of Spanish speaking people, plus I need a foreign language for my degree so … might as well ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also learning Polish on the side. It’s a very difficult language to learn!

    As for techno and trance, I don’t really have one specific person/group that I’m in love with, I just type in “techno” or “trance” and listen to whatever comes up – Plus we have a techno station out here, and it’s pretty much all I listen to because the rest of the radio is shit. Well, except the classical station ๐Ÿ˜›
    you can always combine the two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRqndwCqa5g (my fav classical song turned techno, what more could I want???)

    Those songs are AMAZING! I’m going to favorite those videos and listen to them again later, when I can blast it (it’s like 2AM right now and my bf is sleeping)

  5. William Orbit!

    Great stuff…

    Yeah, Tiesto took his spotlight away by making their own version of that song.

    I find it amazing that you know/learnt other languages.

    My main language is English, but I can speak Hebrew pretty well, with a little morsel of French on the side (I’m Canadian)
    I am really happy you enjoyed those songs.

    There is a really cool radio program that you can listen live to every friday night called Deep Blue (which is on 12-2am EST) They have the best techno/ambient/trance music ever.

    I firsy heard about the station when I went to Ottawa, Canada last year.. it was sooo cold there. Anyways, I was listening to the radio 93.1 fm, and all of a sudden this awesome music came on. Thats when I heard of the program.

    I still listen to it live even though I live in Florida..
    here is the link if you are interested
    you need a real player though to listen

    if you can listen to it at that time (12-2am EST on friday night)
    i promise you will like it… its the best radio program i ever heard…

    thats where i learned about some many awesome songs like this one:
    DT8 Project- Winter

    Se.Ra.Phic – Call to Light

    Yeah the show is one thing that makes me happy.. its like a piece of heaven.

    I messaged the guy who hosts the show, and we converse quite frequently. His radio show along with his music he makes (he is a mixer) really made a huge impact on my life.

    You should download his free mix called Amsterdam Nights right here:
    (scroll down until you see it)
    those are all his mixes, but thats my personal fave. I have listened to it soo many times. The last 30 minutes is the best..

    Anyways, i’ve done enough blabbing.
    – Silver<(*-*<)

    • WOW! That was very cool!! I looked up the entire thing on YouTube and watched it. Too bad I don’t know German (though I’m trying to learn). Thanks so much for sharing!

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